3 Ways to Create a Serene Space

                                                                           Sofa | Kardiel (gifted), Curtains | Everhem (gifted)

My living room is finally coming together and it’s quickly become my favorite space in the house. A stark contrast to the pink golden girl era of my my first LA apartment, this room is the neural, calming, airy delight that my soul requires. Before “the pink sofa“, I hadn’t had a colorful living space in ages. Going full throttle was so much fun but the truth is, it was over stimulating. 

Finding a balance of calm but not boring was the challenge. I met it with dynamic shapes – chubby being my current fav, because, me! My first thought when walking into the empty lofty space was “hmmm post modern art hoe” an I think we’re getting pretty close.

There are a few things I did to keep things feeling really serene. 

  1. Comfort is key, a lovely space you can only look at and can’t actually relax in isn’t relaxing at all is it? I opted for large inviting seating that you can spend time in. 
  2. Surround the space with things that evoke joy. For me that was art. I’m a new collector but both sourcing and staring at art in my home makes me incredibly happy. It also adds so much interest and the perfect pops of color for an otherwise neutral space.
  3. Create spaces for the kind of living you want to do in the living room. For me that meant a comfortable conversation area, a space to lay back and flip through magazines (my favorite activity) and a space to sit around a table with friends to eat or even chill with our laptops on work dates!

I’m not finished, but a work in progress that’s working feels really good! Next up, why are rugs so impossible? Suggestions in the comments greatly appreciated!

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