New In: Eloquii

Let’s go ahead and dub Eloquii masters of the New In section. Maybe the “big boys” didn’t take this brand seriously enough when it relaunched but watch your backs because Eloquii is coming for you all. The New In section is updated what feels like bi-weekly at times with fresh highly desirable pieces. My favorite pieces from most of the Eloquii collections are the skirts. They are always current and super fashion forward. 

There’s a lot of “workwear” on the site which is great but there’s a growing number of casual and evening pieces in the mix. I’m actually really excited to see where this brand goes. You can shop the new Culture Club collection here.

3 thoughts on “New In: Eloquii”


    I'm so head over heels for this brand! I just delved into them a few weeks ago and I'm so into what they are doing!


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