Life Goals and a White Skirt

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could wear white?

Sleeveless Blazer: Stephanie Zwicky for JMP (similar here), Scoop Neck Crop Tee and Pique Midi Skirt: Eloquii

Oh yaknow…just all of my current favorite shapes in one outfit. A sleeveless longline blazer, cropped shirt and a midi skirt. Let’s all take a moment and thank the fashion gawds for these things. [SILENCE]

I digress. Easy, simply, polished – life goals. Other life goals include:

1. Going on a game show (namely Family Feud or Hollywood Game Night)

2. Becoming an amazing mom and dressing my kid in grown up clothes in size mini

3. Getting an hour long massage in Bali for $20 (long story, but I have this friend who…well. Whatever)

4. Conquering allergies and getting a kitty that looks like a kitten forever

5. Umm, space travel?

Visuals by Pierre

8 thoughts on “Life Goals and a White Skirt”

  1. You look WONDERFUL in white…werk!!! It washes me out….but I love to wear white pants and skirts as long as the top is navy/black or otherwise bright jewel tones. Overall, its a great look.

  2. By the way…you've inspired me with your life goals list. I like it as opposed to the traditional "bucket list" -the name rings macabre to me. But a weekly goals list as well as a weekly gratitude list can be game changers: thank you for the inspiration/reminder. PS: I recommend goal #2 – it's the best!!! Just be aware they eventually have their own mind and own "style". Just a new opportunity to learn patience.
    Cheers! Heidi

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