7 Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me Daily

Social media has been known to trigger and make people feel less than that’s why I follow accounts that not only attract me aesthetically but that inspire and feed my creative soul. Cool, beautiful, bad ass people who spread messages of inclusion, positivity, self worth, human rights, true feminism and all around good vibes. I met Kaguya

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What To Wear To Work When You’re Fat

Finding cute plus size work clothes is hard but pushing past fat phobia in the work place is harder If I’m going to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a safe space. We know how deeply sexism and racism are embedded into the work place but there are rules. Rules that protect and

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The Color Of Love

Valentine’s Day is sooner than you think but should we give a f*ck? I’ll admit, I’m a romantic. Shower me with attention, affection, gifts (big or small), all the ooey gooey teens in love nonsense. I’m here for it all. Valentine’s Day has always been weird for me. I always felt single or in a relationship

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3 Habits Of Successful Freelancers

I’ve been working independently for years and good habits = happiness and monetary successLet me start by saying that I’m in no way shape or form perfect or know all there is not know about this but I’ve been working independently as both a blogger and Marketing/PR consultant since 2010 and there are a few

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Women Support Women Except If You’re Fat

Why does being fat make you invisible on the internet?   It’s a sad fact but the Internet is extremely segregated. Being any sort of marginalized human seems to cast a shadow on your content blocking many people from seeing you. This is something I experience both as a black woman and a fat woman.

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Here’s The Thing About New Year Resolutions

When does striving for greatness become toxic? The conversation around creating resolutions has changed so much over the last few years. New year, new me is out and in many spaces has been replaced with the idea that we are all imperfect and beating ourselves up at ever turn doesn’t actually make for a better you. I

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