I live for dresses, you’ve probably noticed. One and done dressing is ideal but(!) I’m making more of an effort to get back into separates. The first thing I notice when raiding my closet to get dressed is, “dang – I need more tops!”

So let’s do this together! Here are plus size tops for all the occasions and fun places we are headed because we are outside, we are seeing our friends, we are thriving!

Cute lil date moment (I see you 😉), vaycay or just need to maintain your reputation as best dressed in the office – I got you babe!


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“No Pictures Please!”

The one thing you’d think would be allowed at a fashion show…pictures. Day 2 of NYFW was much  less insane for me than Day 1.

25 ankle boots to fall for

I took a few outfit photos this week (those will be posted shortly) but in deciding what I want to wear these days there’s a

Caftans are the Real MVP of Quarantine Fashion

Though I live near many a beach and have traveled pretty extensively (pre Covid) this caftan just became the one I reached for just to putter around the house. It’s bright and cheery but also a total mumu and so you’re basically naked but can answer the door for UPS without violating anyone, ha!


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