It’s sort of ironic that my favorite room in my house isn’t a room that I spend a lot of time in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of obsessed with most of my home. But there’s just something about this room that melt’s my heart. In part, it’s the most “normal” of the bedrooms in my place, my primary is oddly large and much more challenging to cozy up. But this room came together so seamlessly and brings me so much joy. 

I love taking care of my people and since my family lives so far away from me, having a dedicated space put together with so much loves makes welcoming them such a joy. It’s also great for friends who pop into town and being able to spend time and connect after such a wild year of being locked away alone. 

I had a really beautiful bed from Arhaus in the guest room of my last place and it was amazing and comfy, I’m still using their impeccable mattress in this space but when this vintage Rougier bed with matching nightstands popped up, I had literally no choice. I honestly wish it was a king size frame because it 100% would have gone into my room, ha! The other side of the room is still being tinkered with but I have a pair of incredible drawers from Popup Home and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to pull together but the rug – this rug changed the game. 

I found it on Benisouk, a fabulous resource for vintage Moroccan rugs. Once the rug was down I could see perfectly how things were going to play out. The paintings above the bed are by me – yes, I started painting this year and am having an absolute blast. 

I found the bedside lamps at a thrift store in Palm Springs for $17, I know! The epic lighting above the bed is from Lulu and Georgia – they have really great high quality pieces that mix well with a vintage aesthetic. 

All in all, my guest room brings me joy because I love what I was able to create for people I care about and it looks super cool. 

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