Online Shopping Tips You Need to Know

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We’ve all had to pivot and do a lot more online shopping these days. Shopping for clothes online can seem daunting, but one of the biggest perks is being able to avoid the dreaded dressing room experience. I hate the process of waiting in line for the dressing room, the overhead lighting, wonky mirrors and then having to evaluate clothing in a flash!  If you’re like me, you’re itching to ditch the fitting room for the comfort of your own home!  To boost the efficiency (and success) of your online shopping experiences, here are my Top 4 Online Shopping Tips! Let’s dive in!

Look Around for Good Deals – If you have your eye on one particular item, shop around on multiple sites for it! Your item may be a totally different price from one website to another, and you could be missing out on big savings by not doing your research!

Know your Measurements – Sizing isn’t always universal. A size 18 from one store may fit completely different at another store. If you know your measurements, you can compare those with the listed clothing measurements. That way, you will be able to select the best fitting size, and add extra assurance that your clothing will fit correctly.

Use the Right Credit Card – Not all credit cards are the same, and some offer some pretty awesome rewards for online shopping. I love my Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card because it allows me to earn 3% cash back in a category of my choice, including online shopping.  Check it out here

Double Check the Return and Exchange Policy – Make sure you know the return policy to ensure the store will accept your return or exchange, if your clothing does not work out. Many stores are running specials with extended returns right now, so this will work in your favor!

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