Why Pink Home Decor Is Still Having Its Moment

Yep. That’s me on my old sofa. “The pink couch”, as so many of you referred to it. Before moving into my first LA apartment, I had an overwhelming desire for a pink sofa. The last sofa I had in my NYC apt was a charcoal gray – I don’t know, I guess I was trying to be mature or something. So, when I got to LA and signed my lease the first thing I did was head to get a custom sofa at the behest of my good friend Melissa. I loved the shape of this one and when they told me they could do it for me in pink, I jumped at it. (They totally jacked the idea and now sell it this way, you’re welcome.)

The sofa was a big hit on social media, the above photo is actually from my last Apartment Therapy feature. It was everything I wanted until, I simply didn’t want it anymore. I couldn’t live with it. The pink was overstimulating and I got tired of looking at it. By now you know that I sold the pink sofa and she’s living out her life in a loving home. 

Since I was SO OVER pink, I assumed I wouldn’t want anymore pink in my new place, a neutral paradise with small pops of color that I can tolerate longterm. LOLZ. That is, until I found this shabby dingy gold velvet round sofa on Facebook Market place. I scored it for $40. Yes $40 American dollars and it SWIVELS! I knew that I was going to invest in recovering it so the cost was obviously worth it. 

Turns out, I still love pink but on my own terms. I didn’t want my main sofa to be pink or for pink to be the focal point of my space but I’ve included it in smaller doses and that’s just perfect for me. The cozy round swivel sofa lives in a corner of my office that I love laying on while flipping through a big book full of pictures. Below I’ve rounded up a little pink happiness that’s bound to spark joy!

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