Something happened over early quarantine that shrunk my capacity to share myself. I had to be so much for me. There was no one else. And with that came a complete lack of interest in recording videos for Youtube. Youtube has always been a platform I care deeply about because that part of my audience is so tapped in. It’s not just about cute pics or witty captions, I share a lot of myself – more than anywhere else and so it’s much more personal and connected. I’m feeling a lot more ground and a lot more inspired. I’ve dedicated my time, energy etc to getting my channel back on track. I’m uploading videos ever Wednesday and hope to soon have the capacity for videos twice per week! 

My first video back was a house tour. You can check that out here. This weeks video is a style video where I picked three men who’s style I admire. Harry Styles – he started dressing like the queen mum and I thought, wow…this is amazing. Tyler the Creator because he’s the artsy alt black kid I wish was my bestie growing up and the one and only Billy Porter because, duh.

The video included in this post and I did a fun little round up of inspo and ways to shop their style. Hope you like and if you haven’t already, I hope you will consider subscribing and leaving a comment on the video if ya liked it! 

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