I’ve really dug my heels into my passion for home decor. Much has happened since moving to LA and decorating my first apartment. If you didn’t know, I started a dedicated home decor instagram account so feel free to give her a follow! AIGDHome

Right before leaving my friends at Apartment Therapy came over to film a home tour which you can check out below. I moved into my current house about a week before quarantine which was, wild! Having sold almost everything from the first apartment – yep the pink sofa too, being able to shop vintage and discover new pieces was really hard but I’m down for a challenge. There wasn’t really a reason to change things up aside from I’m a Sagittarius and changing my mind about aesthetics is my kink. 

The first room I decorated was my bedroom. I figured not knowing just how long it might take to curate the new space, at least having my bedroom done and peaceful would keep me sane.  This is the same west elm antique gold platform bed from my old place but I updated the look with a vintage Lane Burl headboard that is a friggen dream. I also kept the lucite waterfall side table from my former room because as much as you need a place for a lamp and to sit a glass of water, I love how little visual space this guy takes up. The opposite side of the bed has the clear floating shelves I had before too.

If you take a look at the old apt, you’ll notice my dresser is the former TV cabinet. I scored this from Pop Up Home when I first moved to LA and my sweet friend Tricia still had the matching accompanying piece and generously gifted it to me!

The only other piece in my bedroom is this bizarro land roman column shelf. It honestly makes me lol with how random and obnoxious it is. Scored this baby off Facebook market place one late night while scouring the internet for strange things to call furniture. 

My new room is both minimal and filled with shenanigans that make me smile. It’s peaceful and has been a wonderful resting place during crazy times.

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