For the first time in a really long time, I’ve been in a fashion rut. Granted, a global pandemic which trapped us all in the house isn’t the most inspiring time but it’s a little more than that. Not much has been speaking to me, calling me name and making me want to empty my pockets. 

While I’ve been having wild fun creating my own pieces via my merch shop, not much else has had me swooning. Even my regular internet haunts have been lack luster. I know much of it has to do with the happenings of the world, manufacturing and deliveries being made incredibly difficult – not to mention marketing inspiring campaigns have all but ceased.

Thank goodness there are a few things keeping my closet fresh. One of which is the new Danielle Bernstein collection at Macy’s. Nope, not sponsored though I wish it was because it’s GOOD. It goes to a size 24, the fit is really good and the styles are the same cute things offered in straight sizes. No bastardized collection of nonsense for the fatties. Just the same cuteness and that’s what want. I’m wearing the blue slip dress which has cute little buttons and comes in a few other colors. Below are a few other stand out pieces from the new in and some sale items that are dope!

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