Why I’m Back to Blogging

When I started this blog, I had no idea where the journey would take me. I knew that when I focus my energy and set goals, the possibilities are endless but what a ride it’s been. That might seem like I’m going to tell you things are coming to an end but this post is just the opposite. This is a new beginning. We are going back to our roots.

At the start this blog was just a place to document my outfits, share my fashion point of view and shopping tips. We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. We have become community. And I Get Dressed isn’t about me, it’s about us. So, moving forward I will be sharing stories, essays and of course pretty things… fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home decor and travel (the SECOND it’s safe to do so) but, I will also be sharing content from other people within our community. There will be other writers, and features on artists, designers, makeup artists, etc. You’ll find endless style inspiration a’la the And I Get Dressed instagram feed and more. 

I’m really excited to get back to it, back to writing, back to myself in some ways. We’ve been together in this since about 2012 and there is so much more to come. Welcome back to the blog friends. Love you! Mean It.

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