Caftans are the Real MVP of Quarantine Fashion

Last spring when I moved to LA, my travel schedule was set for the next few months. About a week after arriving in LA, I was headed to Palm springs to celebrate our girl Callie Thrope’s 30th birthday. I of course pulled a ton of cute outfits to slay with my fabulously fashionable friends in one of the coolest motel style properties in Palm Springs.
This caftan stuck out to me as quintessential Palm Springs magic and my plan was to moonlight as Ms. Roper from Three’s Company the entire trip. Though I live near many a beach and have traveled pretty extensively (pre Covid) this caftan just became the one I reached for just to putter around the house. It’s bright and cheery but also a total mumu and so you’re basically naked but can answer the door for UPS without violating anyone, ha!

While this precious gem is long sold out, I wore it at the top of a recent ASOS Curve haul and so many people wanted more details. I figured I’d round up a few of my current favorites since my caftans are some of the most inquired about pieces I own. One of the best places to find caftans year round is Etsy. There are some pretty great options and you don’t have to wait for beach season or one or two options from our favorite plus size retailers.

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