Nike has done many things well in my book. In recent years they’ve done a great job at being inclusive both with POC and larger bodies. Supporting Colin Kaepernick when many corporate brands wouldn’t stand up, adding plus size mannequins into stores as people protested the mere sight of a larger body despite the fact that the brand sells plus sizes, the list goes on.

While I’ve was thrilled to see clothes to a size 3x when the plus size expansion was made, there were so many “fashion” or atheleisure pieces that thin friends would get that I really coveted. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Nike reached out to work with me on Instagram. (Holy crap! Amazing right?!) This post isn’t at all sponsored but the experience was so cool, I had to share. I went onto to the site expecting to find the typical work out leggings, maybe a tee-shirt or two and a zip up but, what I found left my had spinning. Dopeness. Like actual cool pieces, sets, all of the stuff I’ve long wanted to wear after seeing friends in straight sizes look amazing in. 

I was going to be able to become a true Nike head. Access is something else isn’t it friends? The set I’m wearing here is so soft and I’ve worn and washed it multiple times. There are many more amazing pieces that are cool so I’ll share them with you now!

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