Putting Yourself Out There

The funny thing about life is when you say you want something, you need to be prepared to receive it.

I’ve been saying to both my dad and Karla that I wanted to do more speaking engagements this year. There are so many panels and places to speak and a great number of topics that I can share extensive knowledge or experience so why am I not getting these opportunities? My attitude was all jacked up. I for one, assumed people should know my work, history and capabilities without me really sharing details. I’m big on the idea that creating content online doesn’t make you an expert in a lot of places so how would they know what I can do beyond cool pictures and fun videos.

As soon as I began to speak my truth to power and say what I wanted aloud to other humans who where actually listening and in positions of power, opportunities came. This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at Create & Cultivate – long running on my list of speaking gigs I wanted, it was amazing!
I was reminded that so much of what I love about this job has nothing to do with style. It’s more about connecting with people, being a connector of people and sharing messages that are important to me that can help someone else.
Don’t be afraid to put yourself “out there”, say what you want and give people listening a reason to say, “Wow!”
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