Discovering Your Purpose

I’ve always felt lead by the divine. But lately

I’ve been seeking higher purpose. My life has been incredibly blessed in that I’ve always been able to hear that little voice inside me. The one that tells you what you want, how to get it and when to move. Lately I’ve felt like I’ve relied a little too much on that nudge rather than being proactive in my thinking around next steps in life and not just what is my purpose – I feel pretty clear that on what I’m here to do but how to elevate and dream bigger and do more are my goals right now.

Part of why I wanted to leave New York is because I felt like I was just letting life happen to me, the good and the bad. Being passive in your life is the worst thing. Though this move to California has me feeling renewed in many ways, I want to make sure I’m not slipping back into a passive mindset. I’m going to be challenging myself to do new things weekly and will be documenting my adventures on my youtube channel.
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