The Evolution of the Plus Size Bikini

Something really interesting is happening and I couldn’t be happier. 
When “fatkinis” first started popping up they almost all looked the same. High waisted briefs (I’m still a fan but not a must), really structured bra tops and almost always tropical prints. While there’s certainly a market for this type of suit, it was the only of it’s kind.
I think we were all just so happy to have the option for a two piece that we glamoured for every one that popped up on the internet in our sizes. What’s happening now is that our actual taste is being accounted for a little bit more. Just like with clothes, plus size women have different personal taste and I think that was never really accounted for with swim. Preppy, edgy, minimal, boho swimwear all exists in smaller sizes but we were all resigned to one style bikini for a long time.

Some of my favorite styles are a bit less conventional – especially for plus size options. Mixing and matching is definitely a cool way to convey personal style. I’m also loving being a bit more daring and wearing suits with less coverage. Less fabric feels really good in the water. I highly recommend. Below are a few less coverage options that I think are incredibly cute and of course are going to be gorgeous on ANY HUMANS BODY!

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