Why I Moved To California

The thing strangers on the interwebs have asked most is why I decided to leave NYC and come to LA. The thing is
I’ve lived in Manhattan nearly my entire adult life. I left Philly at like 22 years old and never looked back. My New York story began like most peoples, I saw the city, loved the city, just had to live there, you know the one. Growing up in Philly was incredible and it will always be home because almost my entire family lives there but I quickly knew I wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps.
The thing about never sleeping is that it can grow old. Not for everyone but it did for me. I came to the city and grinded! A 20 something year old Vice President at my former PR agency to going out on my own and landing work on campaigns that I couldn’t have imagined. Starting my blog and switching gears which in a lot of ways felt like starting over in my 30’s but here we are and I’m loving every second of it.
I met friends that I call family, lived in some really cool apartments, shared so much love – and loss. It’s funny, someone left a comment on a recent post on Instagram where I asked everyone to share their assumptions about me – they said “You moved to California to run away from something or someone.” and the truth is that I wasn’t running away from someone, I was running toward myself.

New York was good to me. It’s a city that can eat you alive and I’m so incredibly proud of what I was able to accomplish and the woman that I became there. But I want more than grind and hustle. I want to get back to me. Mentally, spiritually and physically. It felt like the right time. I’m secure in who I am and my capabilities but also still flexible and want to grow.California for me has always represented more of the grown up life I’ve wanted. It’s still a city but I have access to nature. The quality of life is so much higher than Manhattan and hello, sunshine…eternal sunshine!

I’m really excited to share more of my LA life with you all. I’ve started a Peace & Palm Trees (yup, that’s what I’m hear for!) playlist on my youtube channel. I hope you’ll take a second to check it out. More to come.

Love you mean it!
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