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I went to a tie-dye party and ended up walking around bottomless.
I know. I know… You go to someone’s home, someone you don’t know. You keep you pants (or skirt on)! But, I had a really good excuse for ending up in my panties. I’d spent the morning doing my nails and have a pretty chill Saturday and on my way back to my apt texted my babe Margie to say hi. She immediately called me like “GIRL! Where you at?”
She asked if I wanted to go to a tie-dye party and the obvious answer was yes! I ran home grabbed a few white cotton pieces and we were on our way. The party was in the most charming LA backyard, there was a bull dog and kombucha cocktails – life is good.
After dying my first piece – this white ASOS Curve shirt dress, I noticed that I somehow managed to get dye on my gold skirt. What the frig! No one else spilled anything how am this clumsy honestly?
Someone jokingly said well, you should dye it. The thought had crossed my mind but it’s my skirt, that I’m wearing and… do I just walk around in my underwear? Long story short, yes. Full disclosure I did wait for the one straight man to leave and it was a more comfortable gang of gals and gays. All in all I’m really glad I did, because this skirt is amazing! Scroll down for some of my fav online tie-dye picks!
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