The Best Mattress for Plus Size People

I didn’t buy the hype, I was really wrong!
When I was moving from NYC to LA the thing I mulled over most was getting rid of my bed. I bought it about 6 years ago and at the time it was quite literally the best mattress I’d ever slept on. I spent weeks researching and invested quite a pretty penny. But I was moving across country and very much wanted a fresh start with new things and new energy.
I’d hard about Big Fig via few fellow influencers and then at an event. I sat on the bed back then but wasn’t sure what actual sleep would feel like. When I locked in my apt, I’d remember the team had reached out to me to give the bed a try and since I wasn’t going to tote my massive king size bed across country, it as the perfect time to try something new.
Being bigger, I’m very particular about how I sleep. Comfort is everything. Soft beds kill my back and body, thin springy mattresses are a nightmare and honestly, I hate memory foam. Even the fancy smacy very expensive kind aren’t really built for bigger bodies. I feel like I just sink into the foam and it conforms around my sunken body only to make moving or rolling over feel impossible.
My Big Fig arrived shortly after I got to my new place and my first night blew my mind. Wait? What the heck is this bed made from? My sister came to see me a day or so after I moved and slept with me, we both were shook. This bed is SO comfortable. It’s immensely supportive all while cushy and has the perfect amount of bounce.
Every detail was considered in the construction. It’s pretty incredible! Full disclosure, I was gifted the mattress but not forced to write about it without actually living with the bed! I’ve been sleeping like a baby since March and months later could not be happier with Big Fig. Make sure to hop on the sales quickly if you’re in the market. I’m obsessed.
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