Shopping at Forever 21 When You Aren’t 21

I never feel like I have the luxury to ignore any retailer offering clothing in my size, here’s what that means…
Shopping while plus size often means having to keep every option open. I’ve never really felt like I had the luxury to count out any retailer offering my size because the sky isn’t the limit when it comes to stylish clothing in size fat.
Of course I have my favorites like Eloquii and ASOS for affordable stylish pieces with quality that I can generally count on but there are places that I rarely shop that I should look into a bit more. I’m thinking of starting a series either here or on my Youtube channel were I shop more unexpected (for me) places.
I was at Culver City Mall recently and one of the women working in the store I was in was wearing this dress. She was more of an in-betweenie so I just automatically assumed she purchased the dress somewhere with sizes not accessible to me.
After creepily staring at her for a while I finally decided to ask where she bought the dress. When she told me Forever 21 just a few stores down that same week and that there were a ton of them there, I shot out of the store I was in to go cop it! The thing is, Forever 21 is often a store I ignore because it’s often a bit jr. high for me. I don’t claim to be the most refined person in the world as I’m often attracted to kitsch and trends but I’m at minimum a high school senior lol. So call this a reminder for you and I that we really need to look everywhere not to miss out on styles that aren’t otherwise available!
If you want to check out my video of me trying on this dress you can check it out below. I’ve also rounded up nine must haves on the Forever 21 site right now. Check them out here. My trench is
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