One Piece Plus Size Swimsuits That Are Actually Cool!

You know the movie scene wear the hot girl walks into the pool party and…

Heads are turning left and right and people are shook at her outfit, hair in the wind and overall glorious-ness of this bad bih. You were never going to have that moment as a plus size woman until recently. Swimwear was nothing short of abysmal. I’m sure the powers that be figured that if fat women didn’t even “want” cute clothing we certainly didn’t care about what we look like in a swimsuit.

Make it black, use as much fabric as possible and just hide as much of her as you can, right? Enter the the powerful interwebz. Fatties screamed, yelled, stomped and the “fatkini” triumphed. Thing is, I felt like the one piece was left behind! I love a bikini as much as the next fat beaching bombshell, but sometimes I want a one piece, I just do.

My worst nightmare would be to go to the beach and be twinning with someones granny. Like, we all going to have the same black with big florals suit? Nah. Anyhoo, the plus size one piece has finally seen some upgrades and here are a few that I think totally rock.

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