What To Wear To Work When You’re Fat

Finding cute plus size work clothes is hard but pushing past fat phobia in the work place is harder
If I’m going to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a safe space. We know how deeply sexism and racism are embedded into the work place but there are rules. Rules that protect and can even somewhat deter bad behavior. POC and women of course have to deal with vile micro aggressions but fat phobia and fat shaming are allowed. Like really allowed.
Even though I’ve always worked in creative environments/agencies being fat would always leave me cringing at the crazy offensive crap people from intern to CEO would spout. The crazy thing is these things where never said about me (not to my face anyway) but that they are even being said would leave me quietly ready to trip someone and wishing they’d chip a tooth.
Everything from fat jokes when they skipped a workout, self deprecating comments about how what the eat for lunch would magically make them fat, liking certain foods meant “I’m such a fat girl today” to the pure and simple fact that many men don’t at all know how to relate to women they don’t want to sleep with or consider “sexy”. Thin women often disregard fat women as not “sexy enough” to “be on their level”.
They might make assumptions about you. You’re lazy, not capable… I’ve had a boss who would literally have me create ideas, do the work and then not invite me to a pitch meeting because he was trying to through “lookers” at the client. It’s gross and it’s wrong.
The size of your body doesn’t at all affect your worth as a person or as an employee. Not finding someone sexy is not a reason to hold them back and there are fat, brilliant, beauty women kicking ass and taking names in every industry.

My favorite what to get dressed for work in my fat and yep sexy bod is a modern/trendy blazer, blouse and really cool pants. I’m happy to have set up my life so that I can go to meetings in track pants or a ball gown but when I do need to tap into corporate Kellie – she usually looks like this. xoTitle of this post inspired by my angel Jessica Torres’ “…when you’re fat” series on Youtube.

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