The Color Of Love

Valentine’s Day is sooner than you think but should we give a f*ck?
I’ll admit, I’m a romantic. Shower me with attention, affection, gifts (big or small), all the ooey gooey teens in love nonsense. I’m here for it all. Valentine’s Day has always been weird for me. I always felt single or in a relationship with dudes who were legit terrible at it or with someone who didn’t really see it as important.
It sucked. But instead of feeling all angsty or anxiety ridden about what it won’t be I think this year I’m going to make it what I want to be. Be vocal in my desires, use my voice – crazy how that’s hard in some spaces and so easy in others.
I’m also inspired to have some cool Gal’entine moments. Especially since I love my friends so much I should probably just marry one of them anyway. Any takers? While I figure out my life and what the hell I want from the most forced romantic day of the year, I’ll be dancing around in red dresses waiting to be swept off my feet. Shop my red dress picks in the photos above. You can snag the red wrap dress I’m wearing here!
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