Here’s The Thing About New Year Resolutions

When does striving for greatness become toxic?
The conversation around creating resolutions has changed so much over the last few years. New year, new me is out and in many spaces has been replaced with the idea that we are all imperfect and beating ourselves up at ever turn doesn’t actually make for a better you.
I grew up on a “diet” every January 1st. Literally for as long as I can remember resolving to become “better” by becoming smaller. As I’ve gotten older (and yep, still a fatty) it’s become really clear that focusing on goals that don’t tell me I’m not good enough rather than fuel me are things I actually achieve.
A few goals that I have for 2019 are to cook more. I really dislike cooking and I know that greatly affects my wallet and my health so I’m going to make an effort to actually go to the grocery store – I know, how terribly anti-New Yorker of me.
I’ll also be focusing on my organization. If you’re interested in a more detailed blog post on this, leave a comment and we can share the experience. I’ve already started the journey last year i.e. keeping my finances more organized with apps like Quick Books Small Business app. As for my home I’ve done a deep clean of beauty products and given away and donated so much to help me organize the things I’d like to use.
I also want to focus on organizing my work/work schedule a bit more. Being a creative I work very much as different moods strike me but some degree of a schedule would be helping in creating balance so that I don’t accidentally work from the second I wake up until I pass out with my laptop in my bed.
In all, I think organization and focus are going to be the center pieces of how I want my year to go.
On to the fashions… For those of your curious about this suit I got it from Eloquii just before the holiday. There is a massive semi annual sale happening right now and I flagged a few of the stand outs above. You can also access the sale here!
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