7 Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me Daily

Social media has been known to trigger and make people feel less than that’s why
I follow accounts that not only attract me aesthetically but that inspire and feed my creative soul. Cool, beautiful, bad ass people who spread messages of inclusion, positivity, self worth, human rights, true feminism and all around good vibes.
I met Kaguya on a modeling job for Universal Standard and not only is she gorgeous but she’s ballsy and cool af. Her account is unabashed body positive, sex positive and just lovely to look at.
Nnenna is based in Norway but her style reminds me of this delicious mix of what I imagine 1960’s Harlem might of been like with a dash of London cool. Endless outfit inspo!
Enam is the fat queen teen age Kellie needed. I’m so grateful to be that for some but she’s one of those people I look at and see my body, my round face, my complexion and seeing her beauty helps me see mine. Her style is slick and her swag is slicker.
Outside of mother Pat McGrath, I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted a makeup artist to do my make up more that Celine. The YSL beauty ambassador is everything. Forward, creative, an artist. It’s the cool girl anti youtube tutorial style makeup of my dreams. No fluttery lashes, artful smears and glow. I die.
Raw Melanin is black gold. It’s post after post of inspired black images, beautiful, strong and magnificently curated. My only wish is that a few more fat bodies where included in the magic.
Erika is the voice of a generation. She makes us look at ourselves and think about our words, choices and actions all while dressed really cool, without being preachy and she loves house plants and popcorn. Come on queen!
Jacque Jordao is bold and intriguing and beautiful and the kind of girl you see online and wish you were friends. She’s mastered the art of body positive images and she blows my mind.
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