3 Habits Of Successful Freelancers

I’ve been working independently for years and good habits = happiness and monetary success
Let me start by saying that I’m in no way shape or form perfect or know all there is not know about this but I’ve been working independently as both a blogger and Marketing/PR consultant since 2010 and there are a few things I’ve learned about myself along the way.
1. Structure is critical. We all work differently but some degree of structure is the only way to survive. When it comes to scheduling I for example don’t like my day planned out hour by hour but I do like a list of to do and action items to cross off of a list. Structure can also mean where you work. I’ve tried setting up a home office – I literally never sat in it. That room serves me much better as an extended closet and place to keep incoming samples and products I want to feature. What works best for me is sitting at my dinning table. My living room is bright, airy, minimal and inspired. This gives me that mental push to sit at my laptop and focus. When I want a change of scenery or need the energy of other humans, I love sitting in my fav coffee shop while doing administrative work.
2. Networking is longevity. An old boss once told me that Kellie, who is allergic to cats and loves ramen is a lot harder to fire than kbrown@company.com. Face time is not only something you want with the people you work for and with, relationships with people in your industry are everything. It’s new business/referrals. its about sharing ideas and goals and meeting like minded people to build lasting friendships. Part of what’s great about working in an office is becoming friends with co-workers. Without an office setting, things can be really lonely if you don’t cultivate those same kinds of relationships.
3. Balance is hard. I’m terrible at this. Like really really bad. I wake up and start working. Fall asleep with my laptop on my bed. I work nearly every weekend. Since not being a crazed workaholic is hard for me I’ve employed a few of these tactics over the years and when I’m diligent they really do work. The good part of about my particular job is that I’m often on the go. Meetings, photoshoots, video shoot and travel do keep you moving but on days when life is just about answering emails, sending pitches, writing and editing it’s good for me to either go work out in the morning – getting back to this point or taking a walk in the morning even if it’s just around the corner to grab coffee. It jump starts my brain and body and I usually am motivated to work outside of the house after that.
I hope my little thoughts where helpful in  some way! xx
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