How I’m Recovering My Winter Skin

Now that it’s freezing, my skin is in full revolt and here’s what I’m doing about it!

I’ve had to update my skincare routine. It’s like one day you’re walking around in the world living your best life, glowing and then you look dull, dry and sad all overnight. A few OD blasts of my old school radiator heating, a week or two of icy temps and my radiance has all but dried up!
So, I went through my beauty arsenal and to dig up a few favorites and some new to me magical elixirs to create a regimen that restored my hydration.
Paula’s Choice Cleansing Oil is great for removing my makeup without stripping my skin like makeup remover wipes. It’s a great first cleanse for a full face of makeup or a morning cleanse when my skin has just absorbed my nighttime lotions and potions.
Boscia Sake Hydrating Brightening Essence is my tried and true. I used it and taken it away several times just trying to prove to myself how magical it is. You might think this extra step isn’t necessary but I can firmly say, I see the difference of how my other products work when I don’t layer this on first. It’s the like ultimate skincare primer. Prepping my skin for serums.
Youth to the People Hyaluronic is a cut me and I will bleed it type of product. This is a holy grail because not only is it one of the ultimate anti aging potions but it’s also incredibly hydrating and plays well with other serums.
OleHenriksen Truth Serum a vitamin C serum  that not only brightens and helps firm the skin it’s also an excellent pre moisturizer serum that helps hold in hydration.  I’ve found it also helps with texture. PS it smells really good!
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask will blow your mind. First of all the entire Laneige brand is quickly becoming a favorite. The sleeping mask is bomb because it doesn’t just sit on your skin to end up on your pillow case. It absorbs pretty quickly, is lightweight but highly effective. I wake up looking more “alive” and well rested no matter how I actually slept because of this mask.
What are you using to help keep your skin looking hydrated these days?

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