15 Plus Size Winter Wardrobe Refreshers

New Year, new wardrobe. Who are we kidding? We’ll make any excuse for new clothes but guess what…
It may seem like we’ve been in winter for a while but truth be told it only began a couple of weeks ago. It’s like we go fall fashion crazy, then the holidays have us all would up and bam, the new year but for many of us, we have a few cold hard months left and need to keep inspired.
After finally finding a sweater dress that I actually like and won’t be giving away after one wear,  I figured I’d look for a few more great cold weather friendly pieces to warm up your stylish hearts! The hit list is below and there are a bunch of bonus pieces in the photos above. I’m sure I don’t have to say this but just for the people in the back, click the linked items below for details and the images above are hyper linked as well. xoxo
1. A dope coat that makes being cold less awful
2. The black sweater you wear like everyday
3. A color sweater you wear when taking breaks from the black one
4. Cool pants that aren’t jeans
5. Jeans that are just as cool as your cool pants
6. A scarf that swaddles you like a mother’s love
7. Skirts that look amazing with tights
8. Tights to wear with skirts that… look amazing with tights
10. Slip dresses to layer over sweaters and if it’s ever warm again you can wear alone
12. Something to make you look French
13. Suede is like, really really warm
14. Tall boots that fit other your thick thighs
15. Fun sunnies to block out blinding snow
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