Totally Tina

When I think of my mom’s (Tina) quintessential fashion moments during my childhood my mind goes directly to a shirtdress. Silk, prints, amazing colors, she had countless dresses that if I could get my hands on (and body into) today, I’d be in vintage heaven! I found this dress while thrifting in Philly a few months back and as soon as I saw it, I thought…wow this is totally Tina! Had to have it. I absolutely love the old buttons, fitted waist and full skirt on this dress. 

Many of you have been asking lots of questions about my hair on the Fatshion Insider Facebook page and the truth is, I haven’t really changed anything up in months. I wash with conditioner (a few times a week since I swim), after swimming I hang out in the steam room for a about 15 mins with deep conditioner in my hair which is amazing and keeps my hair super soft. Once my hair is clean, depending on what what kind of mood I’m in I’ll either add some moisturizer and keep it moving or I’ll  section my hair in big chunks from back to front and apply some sort of creme’ (I’ve been trying different things received during fashion week) and then I’ll top that with my Dark & Lovely Miracle Oil  which since receiving have become obsessed with. My hair is naturally very curly so it will just kind of lay there at first but I can either sleep on it to get it wild and afro stylie the way I like or, I can take a cold blow dryer once it’s half dry and just blow it wild.

On another beauty note, I received a giant back of goodies from Avon (I can’t wait to try every single thing) today I’m wearing Ultra Color Rich color Hot & Spicy (obviously) haha!

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18 thoughts on “<b>Totally Tina</b>”

  1. Very nice dress. I found a similar one a couple years back at a thrift store. It's brown and short sleeve, though. And loving the leather jacket, too.

  2. WERK that hair Ms. Kellie! I'm sighing over the dress – those buttons are swoonworthy. I guess I have to keep thrifting until I get that good at it!

    1. And I Get Dressed

      haha thanks Juliette! YES! Keep at it, the key is to look at everything. Ignore the size on the label just try it on. xx

  3. I love this dress too! I was fast on the click to 'shop your look' but the dress on the LB site looks so short 🙁 I love the length it is on you. I am 5'9 and all leg with a short torso… can I ask how tall you are?

    I love your blog!

  4. Such a great find! It's the perfect length for you too. Finding vintage pieces that are the right length can be difficult. Especially when you're 5'9 like me.

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