Devil’s in the Details

This summer has been pretty unforgiving with these super high temps! My love of sack dresses has come in really handy in getting a little dressed up while still trying to beat the heat! I think the key to pulling off a great sack dress is to pick dresses with great details. 

First off, I’m madly in love with this color. How could I not be?? 🙂 And the interesting neck with the folded pleat both front and back, flutter sleeves and standing pleat detail just make it for me!

I added a bold beaded necklaces for a bit of extra flare and a bright shoe that mimicked the darker color in the necklace to add a bit of color blocking.

P.S. One of the big trends for fall is berry bursts of color…I’m going to be all over that one.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Dress – Avenue via OneStopPlus

Necklace – Ashley Stewart

Ring (2010) – Off Saks

17 thoughts on “<b>Devil’s in the Details</b>”

    1. And I Get Dressed

      Thanks Kel – Is Augustine your middle name? That is got damn beautiful. My parents messed mine up 🙁

  1. The thing I like about you is….You be rocking the heck out of some Avenue gear. I work there and some of the stuff I don't even look at and then I see you with it on, now I want it!!! Gotta put my discount to good use….lol

    1. And I Get Dressed

      lol I shop everywhere, Kmart, Avenue, Thriftstore, Saks, Barneys – you just have to have vision, see how you can make it fly. That dress was like $20 on clearance.

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