Why I Haven’t Been Wearing Plus Size Pants

I wear a lot of dresses, I’m thinking about maybe wearing something else…

Yep, I love dresses and skirts to be honest. I don’t know where or when I feel out of love with pants but I guess I’ve subscribed a little too hard to the no pants dance. The truth is probably a combination of things. First thing would be style choices generally lacking in giving me the feels. Awkward cuts, boring colors used to be the issue, it’s much better now. Then fit, most plus pants have been cut for hour glass figures and short of leggings, jeggings and the like – I just didn’t love how they looked on me.


50 Plus Size Sweaters that are Unbelievably Good

Yay, sweater weather! Ok, now what? Plus size sweaters are better than ever. I remember shopping for sweaters in seasons past and only being able to find the most basic colors, cardigans and things my grandma would call “lovely”. Now, sweaters are bright, fun, on trend and we even have some dope novelty sweaters that


Retrofitting the Classic Trench for Modern Edge

I know, but this is what trench coat weather looks like I LA, give me a break. There is nothing 1980’s that I’m not loving right now and that includes the trench coat my pre-k teacher might have worn. Trench coats are back and the coolest ones are from way back. I’ve rounded up some



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